Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No! Not the over-writing student!

Sorry I haven't posted so long, but I've had a ton of work to do. Grr. Homework! Ruins lives, I tell you.

I just finished my 'career explorations report' for literature. All of my friends have reports that are four or five pages long. Mine is 35 pages long. Yup. *headdesk* Well, it's double-spaced, has helpful visual aids, has a title page, table of contents and bibliography, and contains a ten-page short story I wrote (since one of the careers I was exploring was a writer - duh) but that's still - too long. But I don't know how to shorten it and I don't have the time, it's due tomorrorow.

It's funny, because last semester I turned in a sixteen-page report for Spanish when the minimum was three. This semester, the teacher imposed a maximum as well - seven pages. Everyone jokes now that thanks to me, my school will one day be famous for enforcing maximums more strictly than minumums. Ha ha.

My sister, upon seeing my 35-page report, did an 'imitation' of what the literature teacher would say: "Oh my God! 35 pages?! THIRTY-FIVE?!? I asked for a report, not a freakin' book! I'll be up all night reading this monster! Just how many careers did she decide to analyze? Twenty? I said two at most! This'll show me to ask for a minumum of four pages but not a maximum! God, why me? Why couldn't I have gotten those under-achieving students who whine when assigned two-page-long reports and essays? No, instead I have to get the over-achievers who write goddamn novels! The students who actually WANT to learn! Argh! That's it, I quit!"

Ha ha. Funny, sundance.

Oh great, she's got more to say, this time for a different lit. teacher: "What? What do you mean I've got StarSkimmer as my student for next year? Don't you want her? Seriously, you can have her. No! I refuse to have her as my student. Give me a few of the football players or blonde cheerleaders instead, please!" And then: "Okay, Starskimmer, you can be in my class, but you have to sign this contract saying that you won't turn in anything that's over 10,000 words long."

Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, sister...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

History, yay...

Quick update before my sister throws me off the computer. Well, I'm studying for my STAR history test tomorrow. 'Studying' as in re-reading the entire history textbook. I took world history last year, so I forgot everything, and like the procrastinator I am, I had to leave studying for the last minute. *headdesk*

And my cello and I have been reconciled. Kinda. I've gone for nearly a month without practicing regularly, only once or twice a week. Argh! I hate that. I want to practice, but when I start I just kind of stop and wander off. Oddly, this doesn't happen to me with the piano. I don't know, with the piano I'll just sit down three times a day and play for fifteen minutes or so. I don't do that with the cello. Maybe because I feel too cramped practicing in my room. Whatever. The point is, yesterday I practiced a ton, to the misery of my fingers (especially my thumb, it's killing me). Don't think I'll be able to practice today, though, because my fingers hurt just thinking about it and plus, I should be studying. *sigh*

One last thing. College: it's expensive! I just checked on how much it costs in my area, and I can't believe how much money you have to pay! Even if you go to a college nearby, it's pricey! Which is really, really bad, considering I have two younger sisters who have to go to college too. (In my family, there is no 'should I go to college or not?' decision. You go. Period.) I need to get a job. Hmm. Maybe at the supermarket; somehow, McDonalds doesn't really appeal to me. :-P

Monday, April 30, 2007

Pachelbel Rant

This video rocks. Check it out.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Do I really need a title? It's not like this post has a theme, anyway...

Hello again. Erm. I promised myself I'd post more regularly, but the problem with that is, I have nothing to say. Oh! Go see the very bottom of this page. Do you see the typewriter? Cool, huh? It's from It's really great, you just put in a word and they make slogans out of it, and then you can put it in your blog or webpage or whatever. I put in the word 'Stargate', even though I know that nobody here will get it, since everyone reading this is likely a cello freak, not a gatehead and cellofreak like me. *sigh* I was going to put 'cello', but my obsession for a particular sci-fi show won out (namely, Stargate Atlantis. Anyone here watch it?). Anyway, go check out sloganizer. It's worth it, I promise.


P.S. In case you do not watch Stargate Atlantis (shame on you!) then if you want, you can click the link 'gateworld' on the side of this page, under 'Neat Sites'. It basically explains what Stargate is. (You know you want to. Just click...)

P.P.S. Okay, maybe Gateworld doesn't explain it that well. It just explains in great detail 'n stuff. In fact, I probably shouldn't tell or explain what my fav TV show is, since some people seem to be under the delusion that it is a 'junky sci-fi show'. (How dare they! Do they not realize that it is the best show in two galaxies, if not the Universe?) So anyway...just don't make fun of me. Or the show. You might have noticed that I get slightly...weird...when I talk/think about Stargate.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Help! STAR testing is coming up - and I have like three days to review all of algebra 2, biology, and world history. *gasps for breath* Who knew it would be so hard to juggle all this stuff? Cello, writing, poor neglected blog gets pushed to the back. And I haven't visited celloheaven in ages. *winces guiltily* I really should be doing biology right now, instead of fooling around on the computer, but...I'm still burned out from the last all-nighter I pulled, just a few days ago. Work was due, so I stayed up all night. And I was sick. Not fun.

Anyway...nothing new has happened (how is it that in my life, everything happens, but nothing at the same time? It's very strange). I've been doing this author study project - my author is Isabel Allende. She wrote this book called 'Daughter of Fortune'. It's great, everyone should read it. Well, maybe all women should read it - it's more of a girl's book anyway. *tries to imagine a guy reading it, and fails*

Okay, I'll just talk about one last thing before I leave to panic about my still-unfinished biology work. My school is small, so it's well known that I get good grades. (It doesn't matter that I don't brag about it - they check my work! Seriously, its annoying. Keep your eyes on your own grade, dudes!) People seem to have this idea that my grades are the highest in the classes, though. (I don't know if its true, because I mind my own business. Jeez.) Anyway, this one girl started bragging that she got a higher grade than me in Spanish. She had 105%. Me, I had 107.5%. I didn't think it mattered (I mean, two percent? Give me a break.) so I didn't bother to tell her I'd gotten higher. But now, of course, she's bragging about it. Grr. Maybe I should wave my grade in her face next time I see her. *grins evilly*

I'll write later, I hope.

P.S. Polo! Sorry, Madeline, I'll try to be more regular. Thanks for checking on my blog, though. It's nice to know someone actually reads this rambling nonsense.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Why does it seem like every time I go back here, I have nothing to say?
Well, I don't. My life is completely uneventful.
Although, today has been far. Last night I only slept a few hours trying to get an English essay done. The teacher told us that we better bring it in, and this morning, she didn't even mention it! I would normally be frustrated, but I'm to used to her total inconsistency in assigned homework by now. Sad, huh?
What, I have a ton of homework, but that's nothing new. I'm planning on entering the 'Best Moms' essay contest where I live, but I'm not telling my mom. The thesis is going to be: Why my mom isn't my best friend and why she drives me crazy, and why I'm glad she does. I mean, seriously; I've heard girls gush about how their mom is so understanding and like a best friend to lean on - well, that's not what moms are for! They're supposed to nag you to do the right thing and to stay on track, not to sympathize with your boyfriend troubles! Ugh! (Now you know why my friends say that I'm going to be one mean mother when I grow up. I take this as a complement.)
That's it for now. It's really funny, though, I love to write (as in LOVE love) but this is the order of my favorites subjects: science, math, history, psychology, Spanish, literature. Do you see how lit. is in the very back?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturdays = CRAZY CELLO DAYS!!!

Yup, for me, Saturdays are the official cello days. First, I had to get up at 5:00 AM to start practicing. Then at 8:30 was orchestra, in which the conductor got mad at us cellists for not playing the rhythm right and coming in a beat early. (I swear it wasn't me! *looks around guiltily*) After that, I went home, practiced even more, and had a recital at 4:00. Whew. My fingertips are killing me.
Besides that, I just joined a writer's website. It's called ''. I haven't posted anything yet because I'm chicken. Maybe I'll work up the nerve sometime...(that means never, for those who don't know.)
Go to go, my parents are coming. And thanks to cellodonna for commenting, I'm so glad to find someone actually missed me!