Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Why does it seem like every time I go back here, I have nothing to say?
Well, I don't. My life is completely uneventful.
Although, today has been pretty...interesting...so far. Last night I only slept a few hours trying to get an English essay done. The teacher told us that we better bring it in, and this morning, she didn't even mention it! I would normally be frustrated, but I'm to used to her total inconsistency in assigned homework by now. Sad, huh?
What else...um, I have a ton of homework, but that's nothing new. I'm planning on entering the 'Best Moms' essay contest where I live, but I'm not telling my mom. The thesis is going to be: Why my mom isn't my best friend and why she drives me crazy, and why I'm glad she does. I mean, seriously; I've heard girls gush about how their mom is so understanding and like a best friend to lean on - well, that's not what moms are for! They're supposed to nag you to do the right thing and to stay on track, not to sympathize with your boyfriend troubles! Ugh! (Now you know why my friends say that I'm going to be one mean mother when I grow up. I take this as a complement.)
That's it for now. It's really funny, though, I love to write (as in LOVE love) but this is the order of my favorites subjects: science, math, history, psychology, Spanish, literature. Do you see how lit. is in the very back?

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Madeline said...

Marco!!! *Waits for a polo* :( You've disappeared again.