Thursday, April 26, 2007


Help! STAR testing is coming up - and I have like three days to review all of algebra 2, biology, and world history. *gasps for breath* Who knew it would be so hard to juggle all this stuff? Cello, writing, poor neglected blog gets pushed to the back. And I haven't visited celloheaven in ages. *winces guiltily* I really should be doing biology right now, instead of fooling around on the computer, but...I'm still burned out from the last all-nighter I pulled, just a few days ago. Work was due, so I stayed up all night. And I was sick. Not fun.

Anyway...nothing new has happened (how is it that in my life, everything happens, but nothing at the same time? It's very strange). I've been doing this author study project - my author is Isabel Allende. She wrote this book called 'Daughter of Fortune'. It's great, everyone should read it. Well, maybe all women should read it - it's more of a girl's book anyway. *tries to imagine a guy reading it, and fails*

Okay, I'll just talk about one last thing before I leave to panic about my still-unfinished biology work. My school is small, so it's well known that I get good grades. (It doesn't matter that I don't brag about it - they check my work! Seriously, its annoying. Keep your eyes on your own grade, dudes!) People seem to have this idea that my grades are the highest in the classes, though. (I don't know if its true, because I mind my own business. Jeez.) Anyway, this one girl started bragging that she got a higher grade than me in Spanish. She had 105%. Me, I had 107.5%. I didn't think it mattered (I mean, two percent? Give me a break.) so I didn't bother to tell her I'd gotten higher. But now, of course, she's bragging about it. Grr. Maybe I should wave my grade in her face next time I see her. *grins evilly*

I'll write later, I hope.

P.S. Polo! Sorry, Madeline, I'll try to be more regular. Thanks for checking on my blog, though. It's nice to know someone actually reads this rambling nonsense.


Guanaco said...

Well, I'm a guy and I've read all of Isabel Allende's books including "Daughter of Fortune". I just finished reading her latest, "Ines of My Soul" - it was OK, but not her best work.

Good luck on the tests.

MusicGal said...

Hi starskimmer, I found your blog listed on Guanaco's! It sounded interesting, since I'm a teenager, writer (just my scribblings at home), and cellist! Good luck with biology... I don't envy you! ;-)
I'll have to look up 'Daughter of Fortune'...

StarSkimmer said...

Guanaco - Wow, you've read all her books? Cool. I kinda wanted to read 'A Portrait in Sepia', because it's supposed to be the continuation (sorta) of 'Daughter of Fortune', which I loved, but I couldn't really get into it. Was it good? (I also read 'Zorro', but I just thought it was okay.) Thanks for the luck, I'll need all I can get. ;)

Musicgal - Hiya! Why, thank you, it's always nice to hear that my humble little blog is interesting. :D Yours looks cool too. I will go check it out. :)
Yes, go read 'Daughter of Fortune'. It rocks, majorly.