Sunday, May 13, 2007

History, yay...

Quick update before my sister throws me off the computer. Well, I'm studying for my STAR history test tomorrow. 'Studying' as in re-reading the entire history textbook. I took world history last year, so I forgot everything, and like the procrastinator I am, I had to leave studying for the last minute. *headdesk*

And my cello and I have been reconciled. Kinda. I've gone for nearly a month without practicing regularly, only once or twice a week. Argh! I hate that. I want to practice, but when I start I just kind of stop and wander off. Oddly, this doesn't happen to me with the piano. I don't know, with the piano I'll just sit down three times a day and play for fifteen minutes or so. I don't do that with the cello. Maybe because I feel too cramped practicing in my room. Whatever. The point is, yesterday I practiced a ton, to the misery of my fingers (especially my thumb, it's killing me). Don't think I'll be able to practice today, though, because my fingers hurt just thinking about it and plus, I should be studying. *sigh*

One last thing. College: it's expensive! I just checked on how much it costs in my area, and I can't believe how much money you have to pay! Even if you go to a college nearby, it's pricey! Which is really, really bad, considering I have two younger sisters who have to go to college too. (In my family, there is no 'should I go to college or not?' decision. You go. Period.) I need to get a job. Hmm. Maybe at the supermarket; somehow, McDonalds doesn't really appeal to me. :-P


Erin said...
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MusicGal said...

I know what you mean about piano- I've totally played more piano in the last few weeks than I've practiced cello. The thing is, it's so much more convenient to sit down and play piano than to get out my cello, rosin my bow, tune it, and all that stuff. Not that I don't love my cello! *sigh* No one ever said life was perfect, though... :-P

Madeline said...

Hmm I thought I commented here, but apparently not.

I want to practice, but when I start I just kind of stop and wander off.

I know how you feel. I've been in that kinda mood for a while now. XD It'll blow over.