Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No! Not the over-writing student!

Sorry I haven't posted so long, but I've had a ton of work to do. Grr. Homework! Ruins lives, I tell you.

I just finished my 'career explorations report' for literature. All of my friends have reports that are four or five pages long. Mine is 35 pages long. Yup. *headdesk* Well, it's double-spaced, has helpful visual aids, has a title page, table of contents and bibliography, and contains a ten-page short story I wrote (since one of the careers I was exploring was a writer - duh) but that's still - too long. But I don't know how to shorten it and I don't have the time, it's due tomorrorow.

It's funny, because last semester I turned in a sixteen-page report for Spanish when the minimum was three. This semester, the teacher imposed a maximum as well - seven pages. Everyone jokes now that thanks to me, my school will one day be famous for enforcing maximums more strictly than minumums. Ha ha.

My sister, upon seeing my 35-page report, did an 'imitation' of what the literature teacher would say: "Oh my God! 35 pages?! THIRTY-FIVE?!? I asked for a report, not a freakin' book! I'll be up all night reading this monster! Just how many careers did she decide to analyze? Twenty? I said two at most! This'll show me to ask for a minumum of four pages but not a maximum! God, why me? Why couldn't I have gotten those under-achieving students who whine when assigned two-page-long reports and essays? No, instead I have to get the over-achievers who write goddamn novels! The students who actually WANT to learn! Argh! That's it, I quit!"

Ha ha. Funny, sundance.

Oh great, she's got more to say, this time for a different lit. teacher: "What? What do you mean I've got StarSkimmer as my student for next year? Don't you want her? Seriously, you can have her. No! I refuse to have her as my student. Give me a few of the football players or blonde cheerleaders instead, please!" And then: "Okay, Starskimmer, you can be in my class, but you have to sign this contract saying that you won't turn in anything that's over 10,000 words long."

Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, sister...


MusicGal said...

Wow... now that's what I call prolific writing!! Well, in my opinion it's better to have something too long than be scrambling for more material! (I've had both types of experiences in history this year... curse you, "Ballad of the White Horse"!!!)

Madeline said...

Lol you two crack me up... I miss your sisters hilarious posts in her blog though.

Anyway, I completely admire you for putting your teacher through that kind of hell (No offense... It's just... Something tells me she doesn't want to read a 35 page report :)) That is so awesome.

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